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eMed previously Babylon Health

eMed Weight Loss Programme

From £114† 

  • Effective weight loss medication
  • Easy-to-use GLP-1 weight loss injection pens
  • Weekly check-ins with eMed Healthcare Team

Weight Loss Programme

Backed by science, built for you

Sign up today for our easy to use clinician-led weight loss programme with 24/7 support, complimentary physiotherapy sessions, and free mental health appointments.

Digital Healthcare Subscriptions

Online appointments including GP, Mental Health and Physio. All included with eMed Ultra.

Pay As You Go

prices vary

See a GP for £59 per appointment


£15 per year

All appointments discounted to £45



£249 per year

All digital appointments included!
fair use policy applies

Here’s what our patients are saying

“It’s fast, easy and they really listen 

to everything you have to say! I was able to book an appointment and get my needs taken care of in a quick and professional manner.”

“Life changing…

Easy to get help especially if you don’t feel good. Polite, on time, listen to you, really want to help you and actually care!! Not a paid sponsor!! Just an honest patient that hopes everyone can get care like this. Thank you!”

“This app is wonderful...

Support was wonderful to speak with. The app was easy, nurse practitioner was very personable. So convenient and times of their availability worked well with my schedule.”

We treat a wide-range of conditions and illnesses

From acne to asthma, our clinicians help you get the answers you need.

Ready to book an appointment?

Download the eMed app from the App Store or Google Play

Skip the waiting room

Get prescriptions, fit notes and referrals without having to leave home.

Easy prescriptions

If the doctor decides you need one, your prescription can be delivered directly to your door or straight to your inbox, ready to pick up from your local pharmacy.

Fit notes

If you’re too unwell to work, our GPs, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists can issue fit (sick) notes. You can view and download your fit note in the eMed app.

Specialist referrals

eMed clinicians can provide private specialist, diagnostic, and pathology referrals, sent to your inbox and viewable in the app. You can take your referral to any private healthcare provider for further examination and treatment.