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Khalilah King RN BSN

Khalilah King RN, BSN is a Registered Nurse and Care Advisor on the B360 New York team in the United States. She attended Rutgers University to obtain her bachelors degree in nursing and has been practicing in the field for over 5 years. She started her nursing career on a busy orthopedic unit at a community level 1 trauma center and then found her niche in Obstetrics and Gynecology. From there she grew into a strong clinician working in labor and delivery, postpartum and the neonatal ICU with some of the most high risk populations in the northern New Jersey area. Khalilah has always been passionate about women’s health and self-advocacy. However, when she was diagnosed with endometriosis, and after seeing countless specialists, she realized the barriers and challenges that women face when trying to navigate the healthcare system looking for answers for the cause of their pelvic pain. Khalilah is now on the path to recovery due to a commitment to her inner voice that spurred her on to find the help she needed. Since then, she has dedicated her nursing practice to women everywhere who are sufferers of chronic pelvic pain who have been silenced and to spread awareness about the importance of being armed with the appropriate knowledge when seeking treatment. When she isn’t caring for patients her hobbies include baking, listening to podcasts, all things hair, makeup and beauty and spending time with friends and family.