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Goal Setting

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Goal Setting

Goal setting is crucial when it comes to making lifestyle changes, such as sustained weight loss. It is important that you spend time thinking about what goals are right for you, and ensure they are achievable to maintain your motivation. To help you out, we’ve put together some recommendations to consider when you are setting your own goals:

1. Have Clear Goals, Big and Small:

Motivation can come in waves and often your weight management journey may feel long and out of reach. By implementing small, achievable steps to provide focus and “small wins”, you will feel continuous success during your weight management journey which will contribute to your final goal and help you to overcome challenges and setbacks.

2. Stay Accountable:

Sharing your goals with others and tracking your progress through weekly eMed check-ins will help to keep you on track. Having the support of others will help you stay responsible, maintain healthy behaviours, and make decisions focused on your future. 

3. Make Your Goals Measurable: 

Tracking your progress over time allows you to stay motivated and reassured that the hard work you are putting in is paying off. You could monitor your weight, the way your clothes feel, or the new activities you can experience which were a challenge before.

4. Celebrate Your Achievements: 

No matter how big or small they seem, celebrating your weight management milestones will provide positive reinforcement to keep you motivated and looking forward towards your next goal.

5. Keep Your Goals Realistic: 

Your weight management journey is exciting, but in order to maintain your success you should avoid drastic changes that won’t last. Speaking to our weight management clinicians can help you set manageable yet rewarding goals to avoid frustration, disappointment and overwhelm. 

6. Take Your Time: 

This is the start of your journey, not the start of another failed diet fad. Be compassionate to yourself during these changes and reflect on what you have achieved and what was a challenge. Bring these experiences to your check-ins to ensure your efforts are supporting you for life-long success.  

Goal setting is pivotal in your weight management journey. Clear and realistic goals serve as milestones, shaping a transformative path toward a healthier and happier you. Keep them in focus, adapt as needed, and celebrate each step forward. It's not just about reaching the destination but relishing the fulfilling journey of self-improvement. 

Here’s to setting, achieving, and surpassing the goals that define your remarkable weight management journey!

Activity: How to Set Goals 

Complete our goal setting activity to kick start your weight loss journey with clear goals in mind, helping to keep you motivated and on track. 

Download our Goal Setting Worksheet to kick start your weight loss journey with clear goals in mind, helping to keep you motivated and on track.


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