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Staying Motivated With Weight Loss

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Staying Motivated With Weight Loss

We understand that maintaining motivation can be challenging when faced with the ups and downs of weight loss, which is why we are here to support you in navigating these roadblocks to keep you on track and enhance your journey. 

Here are some tips to stay inspired and on track with your weight loss goals:

1. Set Goals That Enhance Your Life:

Yes, you may have a goal weight in mind, but don’t let yourself be defined by a number. Focus on how your weight loss is enhancing your life instead. Maybe it might be feeling confident in a new outfit, or taking a new route to work that doesn’t feel so hard now you’re fitter. These goals are sustainable long term, and will help you to stay motivated.

2. Remind Yourself Why You Want to Lose Weight:

 Post inspirational quotes around your home reminding you why you want to lose weight, such as "Live longer for my family." Referring to your "why" regularly re-ignites your motivation and helps you to stay on track. Make sure these reminders are compassionate and focus on your overall health.

3. Track Your Progress: 

Monitoring your weight can help to drive your progress, but make sure it’s not the only metric you track. Be sure to track your exercise achievements such as your progress on how far you are able to walk or run,  or your strength in the gym. Focusing on what you’re adding to your life will help you stay motivated and drive you forward!

4. Celebrate Small Wins:

Recognise each little achievement along the way with a non-food reward. Share this with those who are aware of your weight loss journey and celebrate your small steps forward, no matter how minor, to keep you motivated and aligned with your goals.

5. Find Support:

Share your weight loss journey with a partner, accountability group or coach. Challenges will naturally occur, and that’s okay. Embrace them and find ways to navigate them allowing you to feel confident in getting round future obstacles that pop up. The encouragement of others can inspire you to keep going when your motivation falters, and gives you a space to share your roadblocks, obstacles and worries. Don’t forget, we also have our eMed Healthcare Technicians who can support you to overcome these challenges. 

6. Forgive Yourself for Slip-Ups:

If we are being realistic, slip-ups will happen to all of us at some time or another and that's absolutely okay. Try not to catastrophize over the occasional indulgences or off days. Life happens, and it’s important that your weight management journey involves a balanced lifestyle, including a range of foods and social occasions. Instead of giving up and going back to old habits, refocus and remind yourself of your “reasons why” to get yourself back on track in a compassionate yet productive manner.

7. Add Variety to Your Routine:

Beat boredom by constantly discovering new healthy recipes, workout classes and active hobbies to boost your motivation and interest. Use this opportunity to find out new aspects of yourself and the things you enjoy. Your previous lifestyle may have held you back from trying new things, so this is the time to fully embrace new activities to find the things you love and keep you motivated. 

With determination and these motivation-boosting tips, you can absolutely reach your weight loss goals. Stay persistent and know that small steps make big progress over time. You’ve got this!

Activity: Roadblock Reflection 

In order to stay motivated even when things become tedious and difficult, download our Roadblock Reflection Worksheet to understand the obstacles you have come across so far and how you can navigate these in the future if they reoccur. 



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