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eMed previously Babylon Health

eMed Mental Health Practitioners 

Advice, support and onwards referrals to manage your mental health with our compassionate Mental Health practitioners.

We’re here for you:

  • Support in minutes making your mental health our priority. 
  • Self management with recommended tips & advice.
  • Onwards referrals to specialist support or diagnosis. 
  • Sick notes if required and necessary. 

4.9 / 5

patient satisfaction

7 days

appointments every day of the week


pay as you go (subscriptions available)

> 100k

consultations delivered so far

What you can expect from 
your appointment

A private space to share how you’re feeling

We will assess your symptoms and give you advice on your 
next steps

You will see a supportive registered mental health nurse

Receive an onward referral for further treatment if needed

What we can support with