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eMed previously Babylon Health

Prioritising your employees’ health and wellbeing

At eMed, we offer convenient and compassionate care when our patients need it.

That’s why with our market-leading digital-first solutions, your team will benefit from immediate access to 24/7 care through our comprehensive clinical services.

Leaders in digital healthcare solutions

24/7 remote primary care appointments with GPs, Physiotherapists, Mental Health Practitioners, Pharmacists, Advanced Clinical Practitioners.

Health and wellbeing screening and blood tests, assessing current conditions and future risks.

Providing actionable insights to enhance health, job satisfaction, employee retention, and support wellbeing for you and your employees.

Over 20 million global appointments annually

We’re making an impact

As a team of healthcare professionals we pride ourselves on delivering high quality care to every patient we see.

That’s not just our opinion.

Both our patients and our governing body the Care Quality Commission trust us to deliver the very best in private healthcare.

24/7 access to appointments

+700k patients in the UK

4.5 star rating

75% appointments within in 4 hours

£3.7m saved per 100,000 active patients for our clients annually

Why support your employees health?

£1.16 ROI for every £1 spent on corporate wellness initiatives 1

56% employees had fewer sick days due to wellness programmes. 2

£1 invested in wellness programmes yields £4.58 savings in absenteeism costs.3

Our services

eMed Consult

24/7 access to GPs, physiotherapists, mental health practitioners, advanced clinical practitioners and pharmacists.

A digital platform providing a flexible, convenient healthcare service to meet your employees needs.

Robust monitoring to ensure high-quality digital healthcare, prioritising safety, reliability, and excellence for peace of mind.

eMed Screen

Empower employees to manage their health through digital health assessments and remote blood tests.

Leverage AI-captured vital signs for risk prevention and control through science and technology integration.

Promote workforce health, job satisfaction, retention, and transparency through actionable insights.

eMed Weight Management

Benefit from weekly health check-ins and on-demand advice, supported by clinical experts for tailored guidance.

Receive discrete weight loss medication at home without restrictive diets.

Complement your journey with free physiotherapy and mental health appointments for comprehensive care.

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