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Babylon Triage Product Information

Last updated 23 February 2022

ID/Version: TR.DES.2616_v1.0 (EN_UK)

Intended Outcome Limits

Triage has the following limits to its intended outcomes:

  • The system is not intended to be a replacement for a medical diagnosis.
  • The system provides information on suitable healthcare services for the user based on the medical concerns and information they enter.
  • The system provides information about medical conditions which may be the underlying cause of the presented medical concerns and information.
  • Users are expected to use their own judgment and should not rely only on the information provided to inform the actions they take.
  • The system is not intended as a diagnostic or triage aid to healthcare professionals, nor a replacement of healthcare professionals.
  • The triage system outcomes in some instances refer to specific conditions that can be generalised to the patient’s concerns and information. This is not intended as tailored advice, rather an explanation to the user why they may have been given a specific triage suggestion.
  • The triage system outcomes that are accompanied by a list of conditions will also carry further information about these conditions, in some cases explaining how these individual conditions are treated – this is not treatment advice for the user, but supplementary generic information which is not specific to the user or the medical concerns and information entered.


There are a few contraindications that apply to Triage:

  • It is not intended to be used by a person below the age of 16.
  • It is not intended to be used by a person whose gender identity does not match their sex assigned at birth.
  • It does not address all primary health conditions, dermatological and mental health conditions.
  • It is not intended to be used for the triage of symptoms of serious or life-threatening emergencies or trauma.
  • It is not suitable if the user has the following symptoms or is at all concerned:
    • Severe, heavy or crushing chest pain, which may move to jaw, neck, arm, or back, or be associated with sweating, shortness of breath or nausea.
    • Signs of a stroke, which may include facial weakness, inability to hold both arms up, or difficulty speaking.
    • Severe breathing problems.

Clinical Benefits

The Triage application presents significant clinical benefits in the form of fast, accurate, and trustworthy medical triage advice by providing information about where the medical concerns and information entered might need to be treated and/or possible causes for what a user entered (and their associated likelihoods).

Product Specifications

Hardware requirement
(not supplied with the product)

Android / iOS device (phone; tablet)

Desktop PC

Internet access required:Yes
Minimum OS requirement

Android: OS version 5 (API 21)
iOS: OS version 12.0

- Edge (latest versions)
- Google Chrome (latest versions)
- Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)

- Safari 12 or later
- Google Chrome (latest versions)
- Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)

Min. screen resolution
640px × 1136px
Supported Language(s) in the EEA
Therapeutic coverage
400+ primary care conditions


SymbolsMeaning of symbols
CE Marking indicates that the product complies with Council Directive 93/42/EEC.
Medical device manufacturer’s name and address.
Medical device date of manufacture.
Authorized representative’s name and address in the European Community.
The product is a medical device.

Incident Reporting

Please complete this form if you have discovered a potential issue with our Triage symptom checker service. Note that any information submitted will be governed by our Privacy Policy. In case a serious incident has occurred in relation to the product, please also report it to the local competent authority of your country.