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App Name: Triage

Version Number: 4

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21 JAN 2021
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Babylon Partners Ltd
1 Knightsbridge Green
London, SW1X 7QA, UK
+ 44 (0) 20 3637 1273

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PSI Vietnam
11th floor, VINAFOR Building
127 Lo Duc street
Hanoi, Vietnam

Intended Use:

Triage is a digital symptom assessment service. It is driven by a computer program, built with doctors. Users report symptoms and personal health information and answer related questions. The computer program suggests what level of care to get, and when to seek it. Sometimes, it also provides general self-care advice and a list of possible conditions.


Triage must not be used in these situations:

  • In an emergency
  • For life-threatening symptoms such as (but not limited to):
    • Symptoms of a heart attack, including severe chest pain, which may spread to other parts of the body. The pain may be associated with sweating, shortness of breath or nausea
    • Symptoms of a stroke, including facial weakness, loss of arm movement or difficulty speaking
    • Severe breathing problems

Triage must not be used by:

  • Anyone under the age of 16. People over 16 can use it for children under 16
  • Anyone who does not have the capacity to decide on their own actions

Triage must not be used to check symptoms for:

  • People who are pregnant
  • Anyone whose gender identity does not match their sex at birth

This is because pregnancy and sex at birth can impact a range of health conditions that Triage is still learning about.

Triage must not be used outside of the region which the product version was designed for. These users should follow local or national guidelines.

Your supported region is indicated in the product specifications section below.

Intended outcome limits

Triage has the following limits to its intended outcomes:

  • Triage should not be used in place of talking to a healthcare professional
  • Triage does not give a medical diagnosis. Medical diagnosis usually needs a full assessment by a healthcare professional. This may include medical history, physical examination and tests
  • Sometimes, Triage gives information about how conditions may be treated. This is general information, not specific to the user or their medical concerns. It is not treatment advice. Users should not do or stop doing anything (such as taking medicines) based on this information
  • Healthcare professionals should not use Triage as a diagnostic or triage aid

Product specifications

Hardware requirement (not supplied with the product)

Android / iOS device (phone; tablet)

Desktop PC

Internet access requiredYes
Minimum OS requirement

Android: OS version 5 (API 21)

iOS: OS version 12.0



Edge (latest versions)

Google Chrome (latest versions)

Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)


Safari 12 and later

Google Chrome (latest versions)

Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)

Min. screen resolution640px × 1136px
Supported Region(s)Vietnam
Supported Language(s)Vietnamese and English
Symptom coverageOver 400 symptoms with more than 1700 key words
Software lifetime5 years of this release (from version release date indicated)