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eMed previously Babylon Health

Raising Concerns & Reporting Issues

“As part of our company culture, we place great emphasis on absolute and unrelenting transparency.”

Dr Ali Parsa, CEO and Founder

As a healthcare provider, it is our responsibility to put patient safety ahead of anything else. Safety is the responsibility of every person at Babylon which means that we are all encouraged to take ownership when we see shortcomings, and we should expose issues and face them openly.

We want an honest and constructive debate and we want collaboration. We want to keep striving and improving. We are committed to listening when people believe there is a better way. And, most importantly, we will never ignore anyone who has concerns about where we have got to so far.

Therefore, if you want to report a complaint about Babylon, please visit our page titled ‘How to make a complaint

If you would like to raise a concern because you have discovered a potential issue with our AI, please contact us.