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eMed previously Babylon Health


Our transparency has helped us build trust with our members, regulators, governments and the wider industry. We are building an innovative digital-first model of healthcare that gives us greater levels of patient safety and accountability, since we are available 24/7 and have records of every interaction. As with any new technology, we need to demonstrate its efficacy and safety.

We take transparency extremely seriously, and this means every Babylonian is not just encouraged, but required, to speak out when they have any concerns.

We are committed to ongoing testing and demonstration of the impact our technology has in real-world settings, and subjecting our methods and results to the scrutiny of the medical community through peer-review. We have already tested the science and technology, and will continue to evolve and expand this work alongside medical engagement.

For a more detailed insight into what transparency at Babylon is all about, read the piece written by Dr Ali Parsa, our CEO entitled ‘What transparency means to us’.